About Haley

Good Day Sweet Friends,

haleyMy name is Haley. I am a mother to my angel babies, Onyx and Jasper. I am married to Nicolas Desmet and we have a French bulldog, named Le Beau. I am also an Esthetician and Actress/Model for FORD RBA in Arizona.

I live my life by: Waking up to my sweet family all in the same bed. (Including Le Beau). We all come downstairs and the Spanish Guitar music gets turned on and I make myself either a Matcha Green Tea or a Breve Cortado…

Before I even make my FAVORITE breakfast of Sourdough Toast topped with Organic Peanut Butter, Raw Kale, more Peanuts and Bacon. Im thinking about the day of FOOD!!

The ingredients we use are mostly Organic and farmers markets. As, most people call us “the granola family.” (and we completely live up to it!) We care deeply about where our food comes from and getting the most nutrients we possibly can.

So, Chocolate Olives. Chocolate is my most adorned food. The sweet, bitter, tanic and fruity attributes that the bean contains is truly blissful… and Olives. The salty, buttery, tart and tangy flavors are sheer beauty.

My concept in the kitchen is embracing these unique flavors and pairing them with others that initially you may not think belong together, but magically do. Holistic Nutrition and Whole Body Wellness has always been my passion. Years ago I started a Food Blog called What We Love Most, and thats where my experimentation began. Since that time I’ve grown from some incredible experiences and now Chocolate Olives is here.

With love and light, Haley

“Make Food Pretty!”